Award Categories

Best Websites Award open for the below categories.

Social Services Technology Marketing Entertainment Charity Personal Healthcare Public work Innovation Security Services Government Marketing EnvironmentCorporate Energy Media Education E-Commerce Covid19 Response F&B Government ServicesEducationPlatformStartupPortalMicrositeOther

Submission Requirements

All what you need to submit is only the URL/ Domain name/, Select the Categories you wish to apply for, pay online fees of $800 and Submit .

Note: If the entry is rejected, the amount will be fully refunded. 


The Award jury and experts from design, research , techlonogy and business honors the best submissions of each category 


The Jury will be looking at the user inteface layout concept,  and how its implemented in-line with the brand idenitity to deliver the best for the target audience 


The Content experts will be looking at the website content quality , availability , and presentation . Content covers pages text, photos, videos, PDFs, and Audio files 

User Experience

The UX Experts will be looking at the website implementation in terms of ease of reach to the information, navigation, and clarity of important call for actions.


The Technology Experts will be looking the use of technologies with the development of the site including Search, CSS, HTML, AI, etc.


Innovation KPI will be evaluated based on Creativity, and the best use for all the above mentioned KPI’s